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Elle Fanning in Twixt

Elle Fanning (1998 -)

aka. Mary Elle Fanning

Film Deaths[]

  • Deja Vu (2006) [Abbey]: Killed in an explosion (along with several other people aboard the ferry) when James Caviezel's bomb goes off. Her death is later undone when Denzel Washington goes back in time and prevents it. (Thanks to Eric)
  • Twixt (2011) [V]: Due to the dreamlike nature of this story, she has several different "deaths" depicted: In one scene, she is suffocated when Anthony Fusco seals her in a brick alcove. In another, she is bitten and drained of blood by Alden Ehrenreich. In another, she is stabbed in the chest (off-screen) with a wooden stake by Bruce Dern; her covered body is shown in the morgue in several scenes throughout the movie, and her identity is revealed when Val Kilmer uncovers the body and removes the stake (reviving her). She appears as a ghost or a vampire (or possibly the ghost OF a vampire) throughout the movie.
  • Maleficent (2014) [Aurora]: Pricks her finger on the spindle of a spinning wheel and falls into a deathlike slumber; she later comes back to life with a kiss from Angelina Jolie (Maleficent), who says words of love, having been her fairy godmother since Elle was young.
  • The Vanishing of Sidney Hall (2017) [Melody]: Suffers a fatal asthma attack while trapped in an elevator as her husband (Logan Lerman) watches helplessly.
  • Galveston (2018) [Raquel Arceneaux]: Raped and murdered off-screen by thugs. Her naked body is shown when Ben Foster discovers her and covers her body up with curtains.

TV Deaths[]

None known.


Notable Connections[]