Elke Sommer in The Wrecking Crew

Elke Sommer (1940 - )

Film Deaths Edit

  • The Venetian Affair (1967) [Sandra Fane]: Shot in the chest or stomach (we don't see exactly where she's hit) by Carl Boehm in a train compartment, while she's talking to Robert Vaughn.
  • Lisa and the Devil (1974) [Lisa Reiner]: At the end of the movie, she suddenly assumes a corpse-like appearance and collapses, implying that she's been a ghost throughout the entire movie. (This ending is only present in Lisa and the Devil; the alternate version The House of Exorcism ends differently, with Elke surviving.)
  • Meet Him and Die (Pronto ad uccidere) (1976) [Perrone's Secretary]: Possibly shot to death (off-screen) by Ray Lovelock as she tries to escape after killing several gangsters; the film ends with a freeze-frame of Ray pointing the gun at Elke, leaving it ambiguous as to what happens next.
  • Left for Dead (Drop Dead, Dearest; I Miss You, Hugs & Kisses) (1978) [Magdalene Kruschen]: Bludgeoned to death with a lead pipe in a parking garage. Her body is later shown as the police investigate and the coroner/crime-scene officer undresses the body. (Nudity alert: Topless & rear; likely a body double)
  • Flashback (Flashback: Morderische Ferien) (2000) [Frau Lust]: Slashed to death with a hand scythe by Detlev Buck as she sits in a ski-lift. 

TV Deaths Edit

  • Top of the Hill (1980; TV movie) [Eva Heggener]: Killed in a skiing accident during a chase scene with Wayne Rogers.

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