Elizabeth Pena in 'Blue Steel'

Elizabeth Pena (1959 - 2014)

Film DeathsEdit

  • Vibes (1988) [Consuelo]: Accidentally falls over a balcony while attacking Jeff Goldblum in his hotel room; her body is then shown lying in the courtyard below. (Thanks to Big O)
  • Blue Steel (1990) [Tracy Perez]: Shot in the chest by Ron Silver in a hallway while Jamie Lee Curtis watches helplessly (with Ron grabbing Jamie from behind and seizing her hand as she pulls out her gun, with him forcing her to pull the trigger, thereby pinning the murder on her).

TV DeathsEdit

  • Dead Man's Gun: Fortune Teller (1997) [Madam Gisella]: Accidentally stabbed to death by Mark Acheson who was on the other side of a hedge row. Mark thought he was killing Heather Hanson who was struggling with Elizabeth.

Gallery Edit


Elizabeth Pena in Dead Man's Gun: Fortune Teller

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