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Elizabeth Lail in Dead of Summer: How to Stay Alive in the Woods

Elizabeth Lail (1992 - )

TV Deaths[]

  • Dead of Summer: Townie (2016) [Amy Hughes]: Slits her own wrists in order to offer herself as a blood sacrifice to a demon who lives in a lake of blood. After she falls into the lake of blood, Elizabeth is revived by the demon, who grants her its power.
  • Dead of Summer: The Devil Inside (2016) [Amy Hughes]: Shot three times in the chest by Alberto Frezza. She is immediately brought back to life by the demon inhabiting her.
  • Dead of Summer: She Talks to Angels (2016) [Amy Hughes]: Hacked in the side of the head with an axe by Paulina Singer, after the demon inhabiting Elizabeth was forced out of her body. This brings Elizabeth's murder spree to an end.
  • You: Bluebeard's Castle (2018) [Guinevere Beck]: Strangled (off-screen) by Penn Badgley after she clubs him and attempts to escape his bookstore's basement, she was entrapped in prior. She is last seen after being ignored for rescue by Luca Padovan, being seized from behind by Badgley. Her body wrapped up and tied in a grey sheet bag is then buried in the backyard of John Stamos, along with Lou Taylor Pucci's teeth and the photographs belonging to Shay Mitchell, which implicates Stamos in her murder, as she called off an affair with him. Following her death, in honor of her memory, Badgley has manuscript written (while in captivity), implicating Stamos published, making her finally a succesful author.


Elizabeth Lail in Dead of Summer: She Talks to Angels