Elizabeth Kaitan in Silent Night, Deadly Night Part 2

Elizabeth Kaitan (1960 - )

aka Elizabeth Cayton, Elizabeth Katain

Film DeathsEdit

  • Silent Madness (Beautiful Screamers; The Nightkillers; The Omega Factor) (1984) [Barbara]: Head crushed in a vise by Solly Marx. (Thanks to Matt and Justin)
  • Friday the 13th Part VII: The New Blood (1988) [Robin]: Thrown through a window by Jason (Kane Hodder). (The originally filmed death scene showed Kane slicing open Elizabeth's stomach before throwing her through the window (the deletion of this footage caused much confusion as to why Elizabeth died from what should have been non-lethal injuries from being thrown through the window at a relatively low height onto somewhat soft dirt). This scene was considered to be too graphic by the MPAA, who threatened to give the movie an X rating if the scene was not removed. Unfortunately (as was common at the time), the studio destroyed the original copy of all deleted footage. However, an extremely poor quality workprint of the movie has been found. From this workprint, the original death scene was scanned and added to the DVD/blu-ray special features. The picture quality is terrible (with a lot of static) but Elizabeth's death can clearly be seen.) (Thanks to Matt, Justin, and Wen)

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