Elizabeth Hendrickson in Cold Case: Debut

Elizabeth Hendrickson (1979 - )

TV DeathsEdit

  • All My Children (2001; I don't know the exact date) [Mary Frances 'Frankie' Stone]: Shot to death (off-screen) by Marj Dusay; her body is shown afterwards when Susan Lucci discovers her. (Elizabeth later rejoined the show as the character's twin sister "Maggie.") (Thanks to Sheena and CW)
  • Cold Case: Debut (2006) [Emma Vine]: Pushed down a flight of stairs by Charlie Koznick. Her body is initially seen at the start of the episode with her bare feet seen with her shoe next to her head. Her death is later seen in a flashback. She later appears as a ghost/figment of imagination to her mother (Priscilla Pointer), who flashes back to her younger self (Kelly Miller), at the end of the episode when her murder is solved.
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