Eliza Dushku in Soul Survivors

Eliza Dushku (1980 - )

Film DeathsEdit

  • Soul Survivors (2001) [Annabel]: Killed in a car accident. Most of the movie after the accident takes place in a world in between life and death, as Melissa Sagemiller lies in a coma; in this world, Melissa sees Eliza as still being alive. Eliza's body is shown lying in the hospital when Melissa comes back to reality. (Thanks to Verne and Germboygel)
  • Open Graves (2009) [Erica]: Commits suicide/sacrifices herself by drowning herself in the ocean, in order for Mike Vogel to be granted a wish; Mike then uses his wish to turn back time and bring her and their other friends back to life (only to be caught in a time loop repeating the same events). (Thanks to Bodil)

Notable ConnectionsEdit

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