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Elisha Cook Jr. in The Killing

Elisha Cook, Jr. (1903 - 1995)

For quite some time during Hollywood's Golden Age, Cook was known as "Hollywood's lightest heavy" and had a reputation for getting killed off in most of the movies he appeared in. As mentioned by Cook himself in some interviews, he may have a record for screen deaths pending.

Film Deaths:[]

  • Wildcat (1942) [Harold "Chicopee" Nevins]: Killed when Larry "Buster" Crabbe sends a truck crashing into the rig while Elisha is standing on it.
  • Manilla Calling (1942) [Gilman]: Killed by the Japanese during the attack on the plantation house.
  • Phantom Lady (1944) [Cliff Milburn]: Strangled by Franchot Tone in Elisha's apartment; his body is shown again afterwards when Thomas Gomez and Ella Raines discover him. (Thanks to JK)
  • Dark Mountain (1944) [Whitey]: Shot first by a policeman outside a police station window, then shot to death by Regis Toomey.
  • Dark Waters (1944) [Cleeve]: Drowns in quicksand after being unable to free himself when his coat is snagged in a tree branch.
  • Dillinger (1945) [Kirk Otto]: Shot to death by train conductors when he attempts to rob a train with Lawrence Tierney and his gang.
  • Two Smart People (1946) [Fly Feletti]: Shot to death by Lloyd Nolan when he attempts to intimidate John Hodiak.
  • The Falcon's Alibi (1946) [Nick Carpenter]: Slips and falls to his death from a fire escape while trying to get away from Tom Conway. (Thanks to Brian)
  • The Big Sleep (1946) [Harry Jones]: Forced to drink poisoned whiskey by Bob Steele; his body is discovered by Humphrey Bogart (who had been listening to their conversation from the other room) moments later. (Thanks to Mac)
  • Born to Kill (1947) [Marty]: Stabbed in the stomach with a knife by Lawrence Tierney.
  • Fall Guy (1947) [Joe]: Pushed in front of a moving car (presumably) by Charles Arnt.
  • Flaxy Martin (1949) [Roper]: Falls to his death from a roof during a struggle with Zachary Scott.
  • Behave Yourself! (1951) [Albert Jonas]: Stabbed in the back with a knife by Hans Conried.
  • I, the Jury (1953) [Bobo]: Shot to death (off-screen) by Alan Reed; we later see his body (dressed in a Santa Claus suit) while police investigate the murder.
  • Shane (1953) [Frank "Stonewall" Torrey]: Shot in the chest by Jack Palance in the street, after Jack goads Elisha into drawing his own gun.
  • Thunder Over the Plains (1953) [Standish]: Deliberately gunned down by Lex Barker during the shoot-out between the Rangers and Hugh Sanders' gang; he dies shortly afterwards, after telling Randolph Scott about the written confession he had left in his office.
  • The Outlaw's Daughter (1954) [Lewis 'Tulsa' Cook]: Mortally wounded by a rancher's gunfire after Bill Williams forcibly shoves him into the open, so that Bill can see where their opponent is shooting from; Elisha later dies while talking to Kelly Ryan.
  • The Killing (1956) [George Peatty]: Mortally wounded in a shoot-out with Vince Edwards at the gang's hideout; he manages to make his way back to his apartment and kill Marie Windsor before dying.
  • The Lonely Man (1957) [Willie]: Shot to death in a shootout with Jack Palance after Anthony Perkins warns Jack that Elisha is behind him.
  • Voodoo Island (1957) [Martin Schuyler]: Falls to his death from a rope bridge, after being panicked by the sight of a voodoo doll in his image.
  • Chicago Confidential (1957) [Candymouth Duggan]: Thrown from a bridge and into the path of a moving train by some of Douglas Kennedy's goons.
  • One-Eyed Jacks (1961) [Carvey]: Shot in the chest in a shoot-out with Ben Johnson when Ben tries to rob the bank.
  • Black Zoo (1963) [Joe]: Thrown into the lions' den by Michael Gough and devoured.
  • The Haunted Palace (1963) [Mikus Smith / Gideon Smith]: In a dual role, "Mikus" is portrayed in flashbacks, while his descendant "Gideon" is burned to death as a result of a curse that was inflicted upon Mikus in the past.
  • Welcome to Hard Times (1967) [Hanson the Undertaker]: Shot in the chest by Aldo Ray when Elisha tries to reclaim his stolen horse.
  • Blacula (1972) [Sam]: Bitten on the throat and drained of blood by Ketty Lester after she comes back to life in the morgue.
  • Messiah of Evil (1974) [Charlie]: Killed (off-screen) by one of the vampires; we learn of his death when Michael Greer informs Marianna Hill.
  • The Black Bird (1975) [Wilmer Cook]: Killed (off-screen) presumably by one of the goons in pursuit of the Falcon.
  • Carny (1980) [On-the-Mark]: Run down by a trucker in the middle of the carnival when the trucker drives through several booths.

Television Deaths:[]