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Elisabeth Sladen in Doctor Who: Turn Left

Elisabeth Sladen (1946 - 2011)

Television Deaths[]

  • Doctor Who: Turn Left (2008) [Sarah Jane Smith]: In a divergent timeline created where Catherine Tate and David Tennant never meet, Elisabeth dies (off-screen) due to lack of oxygen when the Royal Hope hospital is transported to the moon. Her death, along with Tommy Knight, Daniel Anthony, Yasmin Paige and Freema Agyeman, is confirmed when Catherine watches a news report later that day. Her death is undone when the proper timeline is restored. (Elisabeth doesn't actually appear in this episode.)
  • The Sarah Jane Adventures: The Mad Woman in the Attic (2009) [Sarah Jane Smith]: Ceases to exist, along with Tommy Knight and Daniel Anthony, after Anjli Mohindra's wish for them to "leave her alone" is granted. She is brought back into existence when Gregg Sulkin reverses time and stops Kate Fleetwood from granting Anjli's wish.
  • Doctor Who: The Giggle (2023) [Sarah Jane Smith]: (off-screen) Ncuti Gatwa mentions her passing to David Tennant. (After Elisabeth Sladen's real-life death in 2011, the character of Sarah Jane was mentioned to have died as well in extended media, but this is the first time a proper episode of Doctor Who has acknowledged her death)

Web Video Deaths[]

  • Farewell, Sarah Jane (2020) [Sarah Jane Smith]: Dies off-screen of natural causes in this online webcast which details her character's funeral. This webcast was made to both celebrate The Sarah Jane Adventures and to pay homage to Elisabeth, nine years after her real-life death.

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