Elisabeth Risdon (with C. Audrey Smith) moments before their off-camera deaths in Five Came Back

Elisabeth Risdon (1887 - 1958)

a.k.a. Elizabeth Risdon

Film Deaths Edit

  • Five Came Back (1939) [Martha Spengler]: Shot to death (off-camera) along with C. Aubrey Smith by Joseph Calleia in the jungle, in order to spare them from being captured and tortured by the natives. The camera pans from the couple embracing to Joseph just before he fires.
  • The Roaring Twenties (1939) [Mrs. Sherman]: Dies (off-screen) of natural causes during the passage of time between scenes; we learn of her death when her daughter (Priscilla Lane) mentions it to James Cagney.
  • High Wall (1947) [Mrs. Kenet]: Dies of a stroke (off-screen); her body is partially shown afterwards lying on the floor next to a houseplant. (Thanks to Adam)
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