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Elijah Wood in The Last Witch Hunter

Elijah Wood (1981 - )

Film Deaths:[]

  • North (1994) [North]: Shot by a hitman as Elijah runs towards his parents (Jason Alexander and Julia Louis-Dreyfus) in a dream sequence; the scene cuts abruptly as Elijah wakes up. (He survives the movie in reality.) (Thanks to Tommy)
  • The Ice Storm (1997) [Mikey Carver]: Accidentally electrocuted when a power line falls and hits the metal guardrail he's sitting on. His body is shown again later on when Kevin Kline discovers him, then takes him to Elijah's family's home. (Thanks to Mike)
  • Spy Kids 3-D: Game Over (2003) [The Guy]: Hit in the chest by lightning after obliterating the door to Level 5, taking all his lives.
  • The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King (2003) [Frodo Baggins] Stung by Shelob and Wrapped Up With a Spider's Web, and Later his Body Was Shown by Sean Astin.
  • Sin City (2005) [Kevin]: Decapitated with a hacksaw (off-screen) by Mickey Rourke in the woods, after Mickey amputates Elijah's arms and legs and lets a wolf eat part of Elijah's torso. His severed head is shown afterwards when Mickey holds it up, and again when Mickey presents it to Rutger Hauer. (Thanks to Gary and Robert)
  • Paris, je t'aime (2006) [The Boy (Le Garcon)]: Bitten on the throat and drained of blood by Olga Kurylenko, after he slashes his wrists with a broken bottle in an attempt to attract her and then falls down a flight of stairs. He then comes back to life as a vampire. (Thanks to Zachary)
  • Day Zero (2007) [Feller]: Commits suicide by jumping from a building. (Thanks to Raea)
  • Maniac(2012)[Frank Zito]: Fatally injured after being hit by a car; he dies after making his way back to his apartment and hallucinating that his mannequins are tearing him apart. His body is shown afterwards as the police investigate. (See also Joe Spinell in the original 1980 version.) (Thanks to Tommy)
  • Revenge for Jolly! (2012) [Thomas]: Shot in the stomach by Brian Petsos after Elijah dismisses the death of Brian's dog as "just a dog"; he dies shortly afterwards while apologizing to Brian.
  • Set Fire to the Stars (2014) [John M. Brinnin]: Dies (off-screen) of unknown causes; we learn of his death through the text at the end of the film.
  • The Last Witch Hunter(2015) [Dolan 37th]: Killed by Julie Engelbrecht when she summons her swarm of Plague Flies to engulf him.
  • The Trust (2016) [David Waters]:Shot in the face by gangsters who surround his van as he's driving away with Sky Ferreira.

Television Death:[]

  • The Witness (1993 TV) [Little Boy]: Strangled by Gary Sinise in the concentration camp. (Thanks to David)
  • Star Wars: Resistance: The Escape (2020; animated) [Jace Rucklin]: Possibility die onboard the First Order Star Destroyer when it gets destroyed by the Resistance. Though, its unclear if he did die, he was last seen unconscious after being knock out by Tam (Suzie McGrath).