Maleficent's death

Eleanor Audley's animated death in 'Sleeping Beauty'

Eleanor e42

Eleanor Audley appearance

Eleanor Audley

Eleanor Audley cosplaying as Maleficent

Eleanor Audley (1905 - 1991)

Film DeathsEdit

  • Sleeping Beauty (1959; animated) [Maleficent]: Stabbed in the chest/heart with a 'Magical' sword by Prince Phillip (voice of Bill Shirley). The cliff edge then crumbles and she falls off of it (all while in her dragon form).

TV Deaths Edit

  • Return to Green Acres (1990, TV film) [Eunice Douglas]:Her character doesn't appear or is even mentioned in it. But presumed she died (of old-age/natural causes) off-screen before during the time between the 1965-'71 series and this Tv film.
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