Eiji Okuda in Goemon

Eiji Okuda (1950 - )

Film DeathsEdit

  • Onibi (The Fire Within) (1997) [Myojin]: While still alive at the end of the film, the film ends with Shô Aikawa pointing a gun at him with the intent to kill him.
  • Yamato (Otoko-tachi no Yamato) (2005) [Kosaku Ariga]: Drowns (off-screen) during the sinking of the Yamato. We last see him on the open bridge giving orders to abandon ship as the ship begins to capsize.
  • Goemon (2009) [Hideyoshi Toyotomi/Hidyoshi's double]: Eiji plays duel roles in the film. Hideyoshi's double is stabbed in the chest by Yôsuke Eguchi. Hideyoshi is later stabbed off-screen by Yôsuke Eguchi. His body is later shown. Both characters die.

TV DeathEdit



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