Eddie Rouse in Pandorum

Eddie Rouse (1954 - 2014)

Film Deaths Edit

  • Pineapple Express (2008) [Lance Thug #5]: Shot multiple times by Seth Rogen and James Franco in the green house beneath the barn.
  • Pandorum (2009) [Leland]: Stabbed in the eye with a syringe by Dennis Quaid.
  • Alyce Kills ("Alyce") (2011) [Rex]: Playing a drug dealer that had been sexually using Jade Dornfeld so that she could support her habit Eddie is wounded in the back when Jade shoots him whit his own gun. She then unloads the gun except for one cylinder, spins it and clicks the gun until it fires and kills him while he is on the floor out of the frame.
  • A Certain Justice (Puncture Wounds) (2014) [Carl]: Overdoses on a painkiller medication when Cung Le forces it down his throat, while putting Eddie in a headlock to make him swallow it.

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