Dylan Baker (right) in Fido

Dylan Baker (1959 - )

Film Deaths[edit | edit source]

  • Road to Perdition (2002) [Alexander Rance]: Accidentally shot by Jude Law when Jude fires several times at Tom Hanks and the shots hit Dylan through the wall of his hotel room. His body is shown afterwards when Tom runs through the bedroom.
  • Hide and Seek (2005) [Sheriff Hafferty]: Hit on the head with a shovel by Robert De Niro (whilst he's in his 'Charlie' personality) in the hallway; he dies shortly after Famke Janssen discovers him (with his body later seen as she takes his gun).
  • Fido (2006) [Bill Robinson]: Shot in the chest by Henry Czerny as Dylan tries to save his son (K'Sun Ray). (At Dylan's subsequent funeral, it's established that his body was decapitated to prevent his coming back as a zombie, per Dylan's own wishes.) (Thanks to Tommy and Arben)
  • The Benefactor (2015) [Bobby McClellan]: Dies (off-screen) of injuries sustained in a car crash.

TV Deaths[edit | edit source]

  • Damages: Failure Is Lonely (2011) [Jerry Boorman]: Killed by Chris Messina (off-screen) his body is discovered in a cell by John Goodman.
  • The Americans: Persona Non Grata (2016) [William Crandall]: Dies (off_screen) of The Lassa Virus which he injected himself earlier on in the epsiode. He is last seen coughing up blood while talking to Noah Emmerich & Brandon J. Dirden in isolation.
  • Blindspot: Mom (2017) [FBI Director Sam Pellington]: Shot in the chest by Michelle Hurd.

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