Douglas Fowley in Homebodies

Douglas Fowley (1911 - 1998)

Film Deaths[edit | edit source]

  • The Kansan (1943) [Ben Nash]: Killed in the explosion, along with Victor Jory and a bunch of gunslingers when the townsmen blow up the toll bridge they are walking across. (Thanks to Brian)
  • Desperate (1947) [Pete Lavitch]:Shot at point blank range by Raymond Burr, who mistakenly thinks he's brought the cops to the hoodlum's hideout. (Thanks to Brian) 
  • Coroner Creek (1948) [Stew Shallis]: Shot in a shootout at a stable by Randolph Scott. (Thanks to Brian)
  • The Man Behind The Gun (1953) [Buckley]: Stabbed when Robert Cabal throws a knife into his back as he rides into an ambush. (Thanks to Brian)
  • Homeboies (1974) [Mr. Crawford] Buried alive in cement by the elderly tenants of the apartment complex. 
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