Dontae Mosbey in 'Whodunnit?: High Voltage'

Dontae Mosbey (19?? - )

TV DeathsEdit

  • Whodunnit?: High Voltage (2013) [Himself]: Dies after jumping into the swimming pool after getting engulfed in flames. His death was revealed in the next episode that he was wearing plaid pajamas doused in benzene by Cris Crotz, then woke up after Cris turned on the fire alarm ran across the rug while his socks was gathering static electricity then ignited after touching the metal doorknob. (Technically he didn't die. He was forced to act in his own death scene after stating his worst theory of Sheri Marsh's "death". He returned in episode 9 as a "zombie" as part of the final challenge, and was later seen congratulating Kam Perez for solving the case.)


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