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Don murray

Don Murray in Deadly Hero

Don Murray (1929 - 2024)

Film Deaths[]

  • Advise & Consent (1962) [Senator Brigham Anderson]: Commits suicide (off-screen) by slitting his own throat in his office, after George Grizzard attempts to blackmail him. We learn of his death afterwards when Peter Lawford informs Walter Pidgeon.
  • Conquest of the Planet of the Apes (1972) [Breck]: Although Murray survives the theatrical cut, an alternate ending avaiable with the director's cut version depicts Murray being bludgeoned to death with rifle butts by apes at Roddy McDowall's command.
  • Battle for the Planet of the Apes (1973) [Breck]: Don didn't appear in the film, but it's mentioned that his character from the previous film was killed before the events of this one.
  • Deadly Hero (1975) [Lacy]: Presumedly dies from his wounds he got from being stabbed in the chest and back by Diahn Williams with a blade she kept in her cello case. Throughout the end, he gets weaker as he chases Diahn and the film ends with him aiming his gun at her and him not dying on on-screen, but his death is very likely.
  • Endless Love (1981) [Hugh Butterfield]: Ran over by a car while chasing after Martin Hewitt.
  • Made in Heaven (1987) [Ben Chandler]: Dies of heart failure, with his daughter (Kelly McGillis) by his bedside.

TV Deaths[]

Notable Connections[]

  • Husband of Bettie Johnson.