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Dominic West in 300

Dominic West (1969 -)

Film Deaths[]

  • Chicago (2002) [Fred Casely]: Shot repeatedly in the chest by Renee Zellweger in her bedroom, after having an affair together.
  • The Forgotten (2004) [Ash Correll]: Sucked into space by the aliens, after falling from the window during a struggle with Linus Roache. He is brought back to life after Julianne Moore defeats Linus and restores everything to the way it had been.
  • 300 (2006) [Theron]: Stabbed in the stomach by Lena Headey, as punishment for his earlier sexual assasult on her. Once Dominic falls to the floor dead, he drops a coin, confirming that he had been bribed by the enemy.
  • Punisher: War Zone (2008) [Billy Russoti/Jigsaw]: Burned to death when Ray Stevenson pushes him onto a fire, on top of impaling Dominic through the chest with a metal pole.
  • Centurion (2010) [General Titus Flavius Virilus]: Stabbed in the chest by Olga Kurylenko at the end of a fight.
  • Johnny English Reborn (2011) [Simon Ambrose]: Blown up in an explosion when Rowan Atkinson aims a rocket-firing umbrella gadget at him, as Dominic is shooting at him while trying to escape in a cable car. (Played for comic effect.)
  • John Carter (2012) [Sab Than]: Head caved in by a blue liquid that is controlled by Mark Strong.
  • Tomb Raider (2018) [Lord Richard Croft]: Sacrifices himself in an explosion by blowing up the tomb, as he succumbs to the plague that infected him.

Television Deaths[]


Notable Connections[]

  • Father of Martha West, Dora West, Francis West, and Senan West