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Doctor Who (TV series; 2005 - present)

Male Deaths[]

Female Deaths[]



  1. Resurrected as a Cyberman in Dark Water; killed for good in Death in Heaven
  2. Barrowman's character, Captain Jack, is resurrected by the Bad Wolf entity after his death in "Parting of the Ways". Becomes immortal thereafter; although he can still be "killed", he returns to life soon after. Displays this ability repeatedly in the spin-off series, Torchwood and in the parent series in the episodes listed. A character called the Face of Boe dies in Ep. 3.3 Gridlock and is later suggested to be a future version of Barrowman's character, but is portrayed by an animatronic.
  3. repeatedly killed and resurrected over a period of 4.5 billion years
  4. Does not include numerous fake-out deaths
  5. Ambiguous
  6. Later resurrected
  7. Each death is of a different version of the character Clara Oswald; the death in "Face the Raven" is subsequently delayed by the actions of the Doctor, leaving Clara immortal, for now
  8. Resurrected
  9. Resurrected soon after and made immortal