Dinah Shearling in The Lost World: Absoute Power

Dinah Shearling (1928 - ) 

TV DeathsEdit

  • The Lost World: Absolute Power (2000) [Anna Summerly]: Dies of cancer, with Michael Sinelnikoff by her site, in a re-creation of the past when Peter McCauley uses his powers to give Michael another chance (since he hadn’t been there for her when she actually died).
  • Farscape: What Was Lost Part 2 - Resurrection (2002) [Elack's Pilot] Already dying of old age along with the Leviathan she's been bonded with, she and Elack sacrifice their lives to save Ben Browder and his friends from being caught by the Peacekeepers, death-diving onto the planet's surface and destroying all but one of the Peacekeeper ships in the process.
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