Diedrich Bader in Dead & Breakfast

Diedrich Bader (1966 - )

Film Deaths

  • The Assassination File (Out in the Cold) (1996) [Scott McDonough]: Shot in the head, though I don't know by whom. (I haven't seen this movie, but it's mentioned in his IMDB biography as his first death scene.)

TV Deaths

  • Gargoyles: Hunter's Moon Part 3 (1996; animated) [Jason Canmore/Charles Canmore]: Playing a dual role as father and son, the father "Charles" is knocked off the roof of Notre Dame cathedral at the end of a fight with Demona (voiced by Marina Sirtis) in a flashback sequence. (The son "Jason" survives the episode) (Thanks to Neil)
  • CSI: Two and a Half Deaths (2008) [Bud Parker]: Presumably bleeds to death after he accidentally cuts himself shaving; the episode ends with him bleeding profusely and remarking "That's not good". (Because the episode ends before he actually dies, this is "Half" the death mentioned in the title) (Played for comic effect)
  • Batman The Brave and the Bold: Emperor Joker (2010;animated) [Batman]: Killed multiple times by The Joker (Jeff Bennett (II)) using powers he stole from Batmite (Paul Reubens), he's smashed with a mallet, dropped in acid, burned to death with flamethrowers, dropped in a wood chipper, decapitated with a guillotine, eaten by sharks, impaled on a bed of spikes, and run over by a train. (played for comic effect)

Notable Connections

  • Mr. Dulcy Rogers.
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