Dianne Wiest (1948 - )


Dianne Wiest in The 10th Kingdom

Film DeathsEdit

  • Passengers (2008) [Toni]: Revealed to be an angel, having died sometime before the film begins, which isn't revealed until the film's end, helping her niece Anne Hathaway to cross over into the afterlife. (I haven't seen all of this but it's established that most of the main cast are either ghosts or angels in disguise)
  • The Mule (2018) [Mary Stone] Dies of terminal cancer.

TV DeathsEdit

  • The 10th Kingdom (2000 mini-series) [The Evil Queen a.k.a. Christine Lewis]: Slit throat with a poisoned comb during a struggle with her daughter (Kimberly Williams) in the palace. Her body is shown again lying in state when Kimberly visits her. (Thanks to Amy)
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