Diana Sowle (1930 - 2018)

Video Game Deaths[edit | edit source]

  • Fallout 3 (2008) [Old Lady Palmer / Agatha Egglebrecht / Margaret Primrose / Manya Vargas / Old Lady Dithers / Leaf Mother Laurel / Mother Maya / Bloomseer Poplar / Tiffany Cheng / Child of Atom]: Playing multiple characters over the course of the game, many of these characters can be killed at any point if the player so desires. However, several also have plot-specific deaths: "Margaret Primrose" and "Tiffanny Cheng" will be killed along with everyone else in Tenpenny Tower if the player chooses to let Mike Rosson and his ghoul followers into the building; both "Manya Vargas" and "Mother Maya" will be vaporized when the player detonates the nuclear bomb at the heart of Megaton, but only if the player agrees to work for Wes Johnson and Charlie Warren (their deaths are not witnessed, but given that Karen Carbone is the only confirmed survivor, their mutual demise is virtually assured); finally, "Old Lady Dithers" will be slashed and stabbed to death by the player character - along with everyone else in Tranquility Lane - but only if the player has agreed to play along with Dee Bradley Baker 's sadistic games; however, because Tranquility Lane takes place inside a virtual reality simulation, Dee Bradley is able to resurrect "Dithers" and the other dead prisoners so he can continue torturing them (he mentions that he has previously seen Dithers being impaled on a fencepost in earlier games). On the other hand, if the player chooses to defy Dee Bradley and mercy kill the prisoners, "Dithers" and the townsfolk will be shot dead by a platoon of Chinese soldiers summoned up by the "Chinese Invasion Failsafe" - causing her to die in the real world as well.
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