Diahann Carroll in The Split.

Diahann Carroll's covered body in The Split.

Diahann Carroll (1935 - 2019)


Film Deaths

  • Porgy and Bess (1959) [Clara]: Drowned (off-screen) after she goes out into the hurricane in an attempt to save her husband (Leslie Scott). (Due to legal/rights issues between MGM and the estate of George Gershwin, this film has been withdrawn from circulation and has never been released on video/DVD.)
  • The Split (1968) [Ellen Kennedy]: Shot by James Whitmore. The camera only shows James shooting, the body is never shown, we only see the bloody bed sheet, with which James covers her body.

TV Deaths

None known

Noteworthy Connections:

  • Ex-wife of Monte Kay (producer)
  • Ex-wife of Vic Damone
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