Dia Mirza (1981 - )
Dia Mirza-Cash

Dia Mirza's death in Cash

a.k.a. Diya Mirza

Miss Asia Pacific 2000

Runner-up, Miss India 2000

Film Deaths Edit

  • Alag: He Is Different.... He Is Alone... (2006) [Purva P. Rana]: Accidentally electrocuted by Akshay Kapoor's power surge towards Tom Alter. She's brought back to life after Akshay restarted her heart with his electrokinenitc power.
  • Cash (2007) [Aditi]: Shot in the stomach by Senil Shetty as she points a gun at him. (Thanks to Blitz)
  • Jai Veeru: Friends Forever (2009) [Anna]: Shot in the side of her left breast, then in her shoulder/chest in a shoot-out with Fardeen Khan. (Thanks to Blitz)
  • Kurbaan (Scarifice) (2009) [Rehana]: Killed in a planted bomb explosion (intended for her) after she arrived on a plane along with everybody on board.


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