Dexter Fletcher in 'Kick-Ass'


Dexter Fletcher's death in 'Kick-Ass'

Dexter Fletcher (1966 - )

Film DeathsEdit

  • The Man Who Knew Too Little (1997) [Otto]: Shot in the stomach/chest (causing him to fall back into a chair knocking it over) by Terry O'Neill as Inday Ba looks on in shock. His body is later seen when the crewmembers come in to find him dead. (Played for comic effect)
  • Below (2002) [Kingsley]: Struck in the head by a flying piece of shrapnel/iron rung caused by Nick Hobbs’ ghost. He dies in Olivia Williams arms as the remaining survivors look on.
  • Stander (2003) [Lee McCall]: Shot to death by police after firing into them from his terrace.
  • Doom (2005) [Marcus 'Pinky' Pinzerowski]: Shot to death by Karl Urban after Dexter mutates into a monster. (Thanks to Jim and Tommy)
  • Kick-Ass (2010) [Cody]: Crushed to death in a junkyard car-crusher when Chloe Moretz turns it on, after Nicolas Cage is done interrogating him whilst Dexter is trapped inside the car, handcuffed to his steering wheel.
  • Terminal (2018) [Vince]: Shot to death by Margot Robbie

Notable ConnectionsEdit

Mr. Dalia Ibelhauptaite (stage director)

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