Denver Pyle before his death in The Alamo

Denver Pyle (1920 - 1997) 

Film DeathsEdit

  • Seventh Cavalry (1956) [Trooper Dixon]: Shot dead by Jay C. Flippen just as he is about to stab the sleeping Randolph Scott. (Thanks to Brian
  • The Left Handed Gun (1958) [Ollinger]: Shot with a shotgun by Paul Newman.  
  • The Alamo (1960) [Thimblerig the Gambler]: Killed during the final battle in an explosion; we last see Denver lying mortally wounded amidst the rubble before the scene cuts away, but the implication of his death is obvious.
  • Gunpoint (1966) [Cap] Trampled to death by a herd of wild horses stampeded by Morgan Woodward's gang. (Thanks to Brian)
  • Bandolero! (1968) [Muncie Carter]: Gunned down by the Apaches in the big shootout. (Thanks to Brian)

TV DeathsEdit

  • The Restless Gun: The Pawn (1959) [Jeb]: Shot in the chest in a shoot-out with John Payne.
  • The Rifleman: Bloodlines (1959) [Henry Trumble]: Shot in the back by Buddy Hackett.
  • Have Gun Will Travel: The Calf (1960) [George Advent]: Shot to death in a shoot-out with Richard Boone.
  • Gunsmoke: The Violators (1964) [Caleb Nash]: Shot to death by Michael Pate, when he tries to shoot James Arness.
  • Gunsmoke: No Hands (1964) [Pa Ginnis] Dies of food poisoning, along with his sons (Kevin Hagen, Conlon Carter, and Rayford Barnes) (off screen). The scene fades out, and the episode ends, as they open the jar and begin to eat the sausages, but the audience knows that the sausages are infected.
  • Perry Mason: The Case of the Final Fade-Out (1966) [Jackson Sidemark]: Killed (off-screen) by Dick Clark. His body is shown afterwards when Raymond Burr and Richard Anderson discover him.
  • Cimarron Strip: The Last Wolf (1967) [Charley Austin]: He pushes open the saloon swing doors and randomly shoots dead two cowboys with his buffalo gun. He turns and runs across the street but is shot a number of times in the back by other cowboys coming out of the saloon. (Thanks to Brian)
  • Dallas: Win Some, Lose Some (1991) [Blackie Callahan]: Denver doesn't appear in this episode, but it's revealed that his character from the 1990 episodes I Dream of Jeannie and After Midnight died (off-screen) of unspecified causes; we learn of his death when Larry Hagman gets the news.
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