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Denise Richards in Wild Things

Denise Richards (1971 - )

Film DeathsEdit

  • 919 Fifth Avenue (1995) [Cathy Damore]: Thrown out of a window after being knocked unconscious. (Thanks to Brian)
  • Wild Things (1998) [Kelly Lanier Van Ryan]: Shot twice in the chest by Kevin Bacon in her living room (who then makes it look like he fired in self defense during a shootout). We only hear the shots from outside at the time, but the actual shooting is shown in a flashback, with her being punched in the stomach. She starts panting in horror as she looks straight down the barrel, knowing she’ll die. She is pumped with not one, but two hot 9mm lead. You hear her bullet ridden chest hit the ground after the first shot and is double tapped. It then proceeds to show her sexy bullet ridden breasts, with both shots ripping through her left breast, with blood leaking through the wound. (with him then placing one of her guns in her hand and then firing it) during the closing credits.
  • Valentine (2001) [Paige Prescott]: Electrocuted when a masked David Boreanaz throws an electric drill into the hot tub (after also wounding her in the shoulder with the drill). Her body is later seen as Marley Shelton discovers her, while making her way through said mansion.
  • The Toybox (2018) [Jennifer]: Strangled to death by Jeff Denton, first using a skipping chord and then using his both hands.

Television DeathsEdit

  • Burke's Law: Who Killed the Beauty Queen (1994) [Jennifer]: Bludgeoned to death with her majorette baton by Joanna Cassidy.

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