Denis Akiyama in The Cradle Will Fall

Denis Akiyama (1952 - 2018)

Film Deaths:Edit

TV Deaths:Edit

  • Friday the 13th: The Series: Tattoo (1988) [Hai Kwan]: Stabbed in the back by Leonard Chow (in order to steal Denis' cursed tattoo needles) in an alley.
  • Sailor Moon: The Past Returns (1995; animated) [Malachite]: Stabbed by his own energy blade reflected back at him by Terri Hawkes. Dies after telling his deceased lover, Kirsten Bishop, that he will join her, and disintegrates.

Video Game Deaths:Edit

  • Rainbow Six: Vegas (2006) [Kan Akahashi]: Shot to death by a terrorist; he dies after speaking to Andrew Pifko.
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