Delroy Lindo in Feeling Minnesota

Delroy Lindo (1952 - )

Film DeathsEdit

  • Get Shorty (1995) [Bo Catlett]: Falls to his death when he is pushed over a balcony rail during a staged struggle between John Travolta and James Gandolfini. (Thanks to Harry)
  • Broken Arrow (1996) [Colonel Max Wilkins]: Killed in an explosion when John Travolta and Howie Long fire on his helicopter, causing him and the pilot to crash.
  • Feeling Minnesota (1996) [Red]: Shot in the chest by Vincent D'Onofrio.
  • A Life Less Ordinary (1997) [Jackson]: Shot in the head by Ian McNeice, just before Ian does the same to Holly Hunter. (As Delroy and Holly are immortal angels, this doesn't actually kill them, but to avoid giving themselves away, they have to remain "dead" until Dan Hedaya rescues them from the ambulance; however, I'll go ahead and list this as a "temporary" death.)
  • The Cider House Rules (1999) [Mr. Rose]: Commits suicide by stabbing himself in the stomach (off-screen), to cover up the fact that his daughter (Erykah Badu) had stabbed him there earlier; he dies shortly afterwards with Tobey Maguire and the other Cider House workers gathered around him.
  • The One (2001) [MVA Agent Harry Roedecker/Gas Station Attendant]: Playing a dual role as both "Roedecker" and his parallel-universe counterpart, "Roedecker" has his throat crushed with a single hand by the evil Jet Li when the latter tries to disarm a bomb Delroy has activated. Delroy's "Gas Station Attendant" counterpart survives the movie.
  • The Core (2003) [Dr. Ed 'Braz' Brazzleton]: Burns to death sacrificing himself on a suicide mission so that the ship can enter the earth's core. (Thanks to Matt)

TV DeathsEdit

  • None known.


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