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Delia Boccardo * Shoot First Die Later

Delia Boccardo in Tentacles

Delia Boccardo (1948 - )

Film Deaths[]

  • High Crime (La Polizia incrimina, la legge assolve) (1973) [Mirella]: Beaten to death by two hitmen as a way of getting back at Franco Nero.   (Thanks to Alessio)
  • Shoot First, Die Later (Il Poliziotto e marcio) (1974) [Sandra]: Roughed up, then strangled with a telephone cord by thugs.  (Thanks to Alessio)
  • Tentacles (Tentacoli) (1977) [Vicky Gleason]: Eaten by the giant octopus; we only see her clutched in the tentacles being pulled towards it’s mouth. (Thanks to Johan, Gerardo and Franz)
  • The Secret of the Sahara (1987) [Yasmine]: Stabbed to death by David Soul, while her husband (Ben Kingsley) watches helplessly. (Thanks to Johan)

TV Deaths[]