Deborah Shelton (1948 - )


Deborah Shelton in Blind Vision

aka. Deborah Dale "Debbie" Shelton

Miss USA of 1970

Film Death:Edit

  • Body Double (1984) [Gloria Revelle]: Impaled through the lower chest with a power drill (which was drilled all the way through the second floor she was lying in) by Gregg Henry in her home, as Craig Wasson unsuccessfully attempts to come to the rescue while helplessly saw her blood being spilled from the ceiling of the first floor by the drilling. (Thanks to El Kabong, Bob, Stephen and NG)
  • Blind Vision (1992) [Leanne Dunaway]: Accidentally shot in the chest by police while trying to protect Lenny von Dohlen.
  • Nemesis (1992) [Julian]: Played the role as a cyborg. She was repeatedly machine-gunned in her arm, thigh, stomach and chest by two guys. Then got repeatedly machine-gunned in her back by another guy untill she exploded nearly in half and eventully torn in half by that guy. Later, again another guy interrogated and gouged out both of her eyes and shot in her forehead repeatedly, off-camera untill she finally dies. (Nudity Alert: Left breast, possibly prosthetic, popoed out of her heavily bullet-holed t-shirt)

Noteworthy ConnectionsEdit

  • Ex-Mrs. Shuki Levy (composer/producer)


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