Debbie D (1972 - )


Debbie D (as ghost) in The Ghosts of Angela Webb.

Film DeathsEdit

  • The Ghosts of Angela Webb (2005) [Mrs. O'Connor]: Murdered (off-screen, exact method unspecified) by her husband in the 1930s; she appears as a ghost periodically throughout the movie. (Nudity alert: Full Frontal and Rear at various points)
  • Hollywood Warrioress (2014) [Morgana]: Strangled by Deborah Dutch.
  • Shadow: Dead Riot (2006) [Female Inmate]: Presumably killed During the zombie attack in prison. (I couldn’t spot where Debbie appears in this movie, but it’s established that Carla Greene is the only survivor at the end).
  • Death From Beyond 2 (2008) [Teresa]: Throat slit (detail needed)

Gallery Edit

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