Dawn Wells in Evil Lives

Dawn Wells (1938 - )

Film DeathsEdit

  • Evil Lives (Soulmates) (1992) [Lucille Perkins]: Stabbed in the back by Tristan Rogers when he comes up behind her while she's talking to Arabella Holzbog in the kitchen. Her body is shown afterwards lying in the driveway when Tyrone Power IV arrives at the house; she briefly comes back to life when Leslie S. Sachs' spirit possesses her body to taunt Tyrone, then dies once again when Leslie abandons the body.

TV DeathsEdit

  • Gilligan's Island: The Invasion (1966) [Mary Ann Summers]: Shot in the chest by Bob Denver, using a gun concealed in his bow-tie, after she threatens to shoot him with a gun concealed in a crysanthemum. She manages to validate his parking for him before she dies. (This occurs during Bob's "secret agent" dream sequence; obviously, she survives in reality.) (Thanks to HH, Zach and G-Man)
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