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Davina McCall in Dead Set

Davina McCall (1967 - )

Television presenter

Television Deaths[]

  • Dead Set (2008) [Davina McCall]: Dies of shock and blood loss after being bitten on the throat by a zombie. She later reanimates as a zombie, and is killed when Andy Nyman impales her through the head with a lamp stand, after Kathleen McDermott traps her in the doorway.
  • Doctor Who: The Church on Ruby Road (2023) [Davina McCall]: Struck on the head with a star ornament after a Christmas tree falls on top of her, while Davina is talking to Millie Gibson on the phone; the scene cuts away just as the ornament is about to strike. Her death is then prevented when Ncuti Gatwa travels back in time and catches the tree at the last moment.


Notable Connections[]

  • Mrs. Matthew Robertson (presenter)