David Sterne (19?? -)

David Sterne (left) in Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest.

Film DeathsEdit

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Video Game DeathsEdit

  • Dragon Age II (2011) [Magistrate Vanard/Friedrich/Varian Ilithis/Rock Wraith Abomination/Corypheus]: "Friedrich" can be assassinated by Nicholas Boulton/Jo Wyatt on the orders of Danny Webb , though only if the players refuse to accept a bribe in exchange for sparing Friedrich's life; "Varian Illithis" can die in battle with the players, or - if Nicholas/Jo are Rogues - struck dead by a throwing knife while holding Chris Nayak hostage, but can survive unharmed if Brian Bloom is asked to bluff Varian into surrendering; the "Rock Wraith Abomination" will be killed in battle with the player; finally, "Corypheus" is killed following his boss battle by Nicholas/Jo - the method of finisher depending on the player's class: in the case of Warriors, he will be hacked to death with a greatsword; Rogues will dispatch him with a throwing knife to the head; Mages will freeze and shatter him with a blast of ice magic. However, Corypheus is able to transfer his soul into the body of Brian George or Natasha Little (depending on the player's decisions), allowing him to secretly live on.
  • Everybody's Gone To The Rapture (2015) [Frank Appleton]: Disintegrated and absorbed by the Pattern; he is last seen watching the RAF airstrike on the village as he evaporates, having decided to wait for death rather than try to escape.
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