David Morrisey in Derailed

David Morrissey (1964 - )

Film DeathsEdit

  • Drowning by Numbers (1988) [Bellamy]: Drowned in a swimming pool when Joely Richardson deliberately lets him drown during a swimming lesson. (Nudity alert: Full frontal and rear)
  • Centurion (2010) [Bothos]: Killed by Roman soldiers who had mistaken him for a Pict warrior. (Thanks to Matthew)
  • Blitz (2011) [Dunlop]: Possibly mauled to death by two dogs after Jason Statham sets them after him; the movie ends with the dogs running towards David, so it's not confirmed whether the attack is fatal, but I'll list it just in case.

TV Deaths Edit

  • South Riding (2011) [Robert Carne]: Falls to his death when the cliff collapses while he's looking out to sea while riding his horse; his body is shown afterwards when it washes up to shore. (Thanks to Brian)
  • The Driver: Episode 2 (2014) [Vince McKee]: Shot in the head by Colm Meaney in his taxi in a dream sequence. (David survives the episode in reality.)
  • Extant: Don't Shoot the Messenger (2015) [Tobias Shepherd]: Killed in a explosion when a fighter jet fires a missile at his car while he is attempting to escape a military facility, just as he calls Halle Berry on the phone.
  • The Missing: The Mountain (2016) [Captain Sam Webster]: Shot in the chest by Derek Riddell with a rifle; he dies shortly after as his body is carried away on a stretcher, as he looks upon Keeley Hawes.


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