David Koechner in Extract

David Koechner (1962 - )

Film DeathsEdit

  • Extract (2009) [Nathan]: Dies of a heart attack while Kristen Wiig shouts at him. His body is shown afterwards lying in the coffin during his funeral.
  • Piranha 3DD (Piranha DD) (2012) [Chet]: Decapitated when he rides through bunting wire in his jeep; his severed head flies off and "motorboats" a bikini-clad woman's breasts before landing in a pool to be devoured by piranha. (Played for comic effect.)
  • Krampus (2015) [Howard]: Taken to the underworld by the dark elves when he tries to prevent them from taking his daughter (Sage Hunefeld). (He is seen alive at the end of the film, but it is ambiguous whether he is deceased or that he is stuck in purgatory when it is shown that he is in one of numerous snow globes of families that Krampus has claimed over the years)

TV DeathsEdit

Music Video DeathsEdit

  • "New Romance" (2011) (Miles Fisher music video): Partially decapitated when a record is launched out of the jukebox and slices off the top of his head. (Played for comic effect.)


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