BMEndgame3 Megatron dies

David Kaye's animated character's death in 'Beast Machines: Transformers; Endgame, Pt. III: Seeds of the Future'


David Kaye

David Kaye (1964 - )

TV DeathsEdit

  • Beast Machines: Transformers; Endgame, Pt. III: Seeds of the Future (2000; animated) [Megatron]: Falls into the core of Cybertron with Optimus Primal (Garry Chalk), releasing the sparks they're containing all over the planet.
  • Transformers: Cybertron; Cybertron (2006; animated) [Megatron]: Shot by an energy blast, fired by Optimus Prime (Garry Chalk) and Vector Prime (Richard Newman), causing him to disintegrate. He returns to life a couple of episodes later.
  • Transformers: Cybertron; Unfinished (2006; animated) [Galvatron]: Impaled by Optimus Prime wielding Vector Prime's sword.
  • Transformers Animated: Transform and Roll Out (2007; animated) [Optimus Prime]: Died briefly after sacrificing himself to get the Allspark out of Starscream's (Tom Kenny) hands. he then revived by Sari (Tara Strong) by using the Allspark Key.
  • Transformers Prime: Hurt (2012; animated) [Hardshell]: Killed by Miko (Tania Gunadi) by missiles from the Airhammer. His body is brought back to Megatron (Frank Welker) who is informed on how he died.
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