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David Hess in Hitch Hike

David Hess (1936 - 2011)

a.k.a. David A. Hess or David Alexander Hess


Film Deaths[]

  • Hitch Hike (Autostop rosso sangue) (1977) [Adam Konitz]: Shot in the back by Corinne Clery just as David is about to kill Franco Nero. His body is shown again later on when Franco places it in the wreckage of his car and sets it on fire in order to fake his own death.
  • The House on the Edge of the Park (La Casa sperduta nel parco) (1980) [Alex]: Shot in the crotch, then in the head, by Christian Borromeo while David is in a swimming pool. (Thanks to Mathew)
  • Swamp Thing (1982) [Ferret]: Skull crushed by Dick Durock at the end of a struggle in the swamp.
  • Body Count (Camping del terrore) (1986) [Robert Ritchie]: Hacked to death with an axe (off-camera) by Nicola Farron; the movie ends with a freeze-frame of Nicola raising the axe. (Thanks to PortsGuy)

TV Deaths[]

  • 21 Hours at Munich (1976) [Berger]: Killed in explosion, along with a few other fellow athletes/hostages, when Franco Nero throws a grenade into the helicopter.