David Hemmings (right) in The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen

David Hemmings (1941 - 2003)

Co-founder of the Hemdale Film Corporation

Film DeathsEdit

  • Charge of the Light Brigade (1968) [Capt. Louis Edward Nolan]: Impaled by shrapnel from a cannon ball explosion from a Russian gun while he is trying to warn Trevor Howard that he is leading the Light Brigade into the wrong valley.
  • Juggernaut (1974) [Charlie Braddock]: Killed in an explosion when he cuts the wrong wire while trying to defuse a bomb. (Thanks to Vladimir)
  • Murder by Decree (Sherlock Holmes and Saucy Jack) (1979) [Inspector Foxborough]: Stabbed through the chest with a blade by Peter Jonfield. His body is later shown in the morgue.
  • Swan Lake (1981) [Rothbart] Playing the voice of Rothbart, he dies when hit by a light beam.  

TV DeathsEdit

  • Waking The Dead: Deathwatch (2002) [DCI Malcolm Finlay –retd]: Hanged to death on a makeshift gibbet by Ronald Pickup, as revenge after David wrongly sent Adam Leese to his death by hanging in 1964. (Thanks to Brian)
  • Airwolf: Shadow of the Hawk Part 2 (1984) [Dr. Charles Moffet]: Killed in an explosion when he is fired upon multiple times with rockets and chain guns by Jan-Michael Vincent's advanced attack helicopter in revenge for Belinda Bauer's death.

Notable ConnectionsEdit

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