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David Caruso in King of New York

David Caruso's death (with Christopher Walken) in King of New York

David Caruso (1956 - )

Film Deaths[]

  • Without Warning (Alien Warning; The Warning) (1980) [Tom]: Killed by the alien (Kevin Peter Hall) in the woods. (Thanks to PortsGuy)
  • Thief of Hearts (1984) [Buddy Calamara]: Shot to death by Steven Bauer while David is about to kill Barbara Williams and John Getz. (Thanks to Michael)
  • Blue City (1986) [Joey Rayford]: Shot to death by Paul Winfield on the deck of a boat. (Thanks to Robert)
  • Twins (1988) [Al Greco]:Possibly shot by Marshall Bell off-screen. We last see him tied up with a gun to his head, but will list this just in case as Marshall's character killed nonchalantly throughout the film.
  • King of New York (1990) [Dennis Gilley]: Shot in the head by Christopher Walken after Christopher pulls up beside David's car in a cemetery.
  • Hudson Hawk (1991) [Kit Kat]: Shot with crossbow bolts by Sandra Bernhard while David is disguised as a marble statue; he dies shortly afterwards, after handing a note to Andie MacDowell.
  • Cold Around the Heart (1997) [Ned Tash]: Killed in an explosion (along with Kelly Lynch) when the gas station blows up (after he throws a lit lighter into a spilled pool of fuel), shortly after she stabs him and he shoots her (as Stacey Dash looks on in shock). (Thanks to Richard)
  • Body Count (1998) [Hobbs]: Smothered by John Leguizamo; his body is later seen when Ving Rhames discovers him on a bed, then again when John uses him as a human shield). (Thanks to Michael)
  • Session 9 (2001) [Phil]: Killed by Peter Mullan in the abandoned mental hospital (initially it appears he survived an attack, but it's later shown he is dead and Peter was imagining he was still alive). (Thanks to Susan)

TV Deaths[]

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