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Daveigh Chase in S. Darko

Daveigh Chase (1990 - )

Animation voice-over artist

Film Deaths[]

  • Donnie Darko (2001) [Samantha Darko]: Killed in a plane crash, along with her mother (Mary McDonnell) and everybody else on board, when the plane hits turbulence from the time tunnel. Her brother (Jake Gyllenhaal) later alters the timeline and prevents her death. (Thanks to Tommy)
  • The Ring (2002) [Samara Morgan]: Thrown down a well by her mother (Shannon Cochran) several years before the story begins; she starves to death after seven days in the well. She remains active as a ghost throughout the movie, and her body (initially perfectly preserved, then decomposes rapidly) is shown when Naomi Watts goes down into the well to investigate. (See also Rie Inou in the original Ringu.) (Thanks to Laura)
  • S. Darko (2009) [Samantha Darko]: Hit by a car while walking down the street, as Briana Evigan looks on in shock; she is later brought back to life after Briana manipulates the timeline. In this second timeline, Daveigh is later impaled in the head when she falls onto James Lafferty's metal rabbit-mask at the end of a struggle with Jackson Rathbone. She is brought back once again when James manipulates the timeline. (She also appears to James as a "manipulated dead" apparition throughout the movie.)

Television Deaths[]