Dave Foley in Employee of the Month

Dave Foley (1963 - )

Film Deaths:Edit

TV Deaths:Edit

  • Kids in the Hall: Episode 21 (1995) [Dave Foley/Various Characters]: Playing various characters, Foley himself is buried alive (along with the entire cast). The episode ends with Paul Bellini dancing on their graves, which read "The Kids in the Hall TV Show; 1989-1995" and proclaiming "It's finally over!" (Played for Comic Effect)
  • Adventure Time: Jake the Starchild (2018; animated [Warren Ampersand]: Is sucked into a four-dimensional black hole after John DiMaggio captures his space ship and drops him into the black hole.

Web Video DeathsEdit

  • Ghost Train (2018) [Ghost]: Appears as a ghost, dancing with all the other ghosts as Mark Kendall looks on in comically exaggerated horror. (Played for comic effect.)


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