Daphne Zuniga (1962 - )

Daphne Zuniga in The Initiation

Film Deaths

  • Pranks (1981) [Debbie]: Skull crushed when Stephen Sachs drives over her head, after she faints in a parking garage due to discovering the bodies of her parents (Richard Cowgill and Kay Beth). Her body is shown again later on when Stephen shows all of his victims to Laurie Lapinski. (Thanks to Johan)
  • The Initiation (1984) [Kelly Fairchild/Terry Fairchild]: Playing a dual role as twin sisters, the evil twin ("Terry") is shot in the back by her mother (Vera Miles) just as she is about to stab the good twin ("Kelly").
  • Last Rites (1988) [Angela De Vega a.k.a. Angela Martinez]: Killed (off-screen) by hitmen, immediately after the end of the movie; the scene ends with her being taken away by the hitmen. (Thanks to Roberto)
  • Prey of the Chameleon (1992) [Patricia/Elizabeth Burrows]: Shot in the stomach during a struggle with Alexandra Paul.

TV Deaths

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