Danielle Jones (19?? - )

Film Deaths Edit

  • Sweatshop (2009) [Kim]: Snared and captured by ghouls, who then use barbed wire to tie her face-down to a large table. Jeremy Sumrall first tortures Danielle by snipping off several of her fingers with a large pair of shears, then smashes her legs with his gigantic makeshift sledgehammer (made of an anvil attached to a large metal pipe). This completely strips the flesh from her legs and shatters that side of the table to splinters. Apparently believing Danielle to be dead (she somehow survived but blacked out from the pain), Jeremy leaves to go kill other ravers. When he returns, he discovers an extremely drunk Brent Himes attempting to rape Danielle (Brent is so drunk that he doesn't even notice that her legs are only bone), who is very much alive and now conscious. While Jeremy is incapacitating Brent, Danielle uses the diversion to free herself from the barbed wire and then attempts to crawl away. When Jeremy notices her trying to escape, he grabs her by the hair on the back of her head and smashes her face into the floor, obliterating most of her head. Her friends discover her body later (lying face-down) and decide to see if she is somehow still alive. When they lift the back of Danielle's head, the remains of her brain and other goop fall out of the huge hole where her face had been.
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