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Danielle Harris in Urban Legend

Danielle Harris (1977 - )

Film Deaths[]

  • Urban Legend (1998) [Tosh Guaneri]: Strangled in her dorm room by Rebecca Gayheart; Alicia Witt walks in during the murder, but mistakes the sound of the struggle for sex, and ignores it. Rebecca then cuts Danielle's wrists to make it seem like a suicide. Her body is shown again afterwards when Alicia wakes up the next morning.
  • Left for Dead (Devil's Night) (2007) [Nancy]: Stabbed from behind by a masked man when she confuses another character for being said killer. Blade exits through her solar plexus and is pulled out, leaving her to fall to the ground assumed dead. The body is never shown. 
  • The Black Waters of Echo's Pond (2009) [Kathy]: Ran through with a chainsaw by Walker Howard, when James Duval shoves her towards Walker to save himself. This turns out to be a vision that James is having, with the implication that it will come true when the game begins. 
  • Blood Night: The Night of Mary Hatchet (Blood Night - Die Legende von Mary Hatchet) (2009) [Alissa]: Strangled by Nate Dushku
  • Halloween II (2009) [Annie Brackett]: Fatally beaten and stabbed by Tyler Mane; she dies shortly afterwards in Scout Taylor-Compton's arms. (Nudity: frontal)
  • Cyrus: Mind of a Serial Killer (2010) [Maria]: Presumably killed (off-screen) by Brian Krause, shortly after the movie ends; the movie ends with her still alive, but the implication of her fate is strong. 
  • Stake Land (2010) [Belle]: Stabbed in the chest by Connor Paolo as a mercy killing after being tied up and bitten on the neck by vampire Michael Cerveris (her character is pregnant at the time).
  • The Victim (2011) [Mary]: Neck accidentally snapped by Ryan Honey in the woods, when he loses his temper and turns her head to make her look at him while they're having sex in the woods. 
  • Fatal Call (2012) [Amy Hannison]: Shot to death by Joel Lewis.
  • Fade Into You (2012) [Woman]: Slashed to death (off-screen) by Daniel Mackey, with AJ Bowen discovering her body afterwards.
  • Camp Dread (2014) [Donlyn]: Hit on the back of the head with a shovel by Eric Roberts.
  • See No Evil 2 (2014) [Amy]: Stabbed in the chest by Glenn Jacobs; she dies in Kaj-Erik Eriksen's arms.
  • Havenhurst (2016) [Danielle]: Killed (off-screen) in an unknown manner by Douglas Tait. While fleeing for her life, Danielle runs into an elevator in an attempt to escape the building. Douglas surprises Danielle by suddenly appearing in the hatch at the top of the elevator car, then grabs her and pulls her up through the hatch, out of view. A large amount of her blood then splashes down into the elevator.
  • Between the Darkness (2019) [Amy Hodge Elrod]: Strangled by Lew Temple during rough sex.
  • Stay Home (2020) [Danielle]: Hit in the head with a wine bottle by Scout Taylor-Compton.

TV Deaths[]

Music Video Deaths:[]

  • "The Bleeding" (2007) (Five Finger Death Punch music video): Commits suicide by hanging herself.

Notable Connections:[]

  • Mrs. David Gross.