Daniella Evangelista Cabin by the Lake

Daniella Evangelista in Cabin by the Lake

Daniella Evangelista (1982 - )

aka Daneilla Evangelista, Daniella Evangellista

Film DeathsEdit

  • Disturbing Behavior (1998) [Daniella]: Falls to her death (along with all the other mind-altered "Blue Ribbon" students) when William Sadler drives his truck over the dam after all the Blue Ribbons climb on board to get at William's sonic devices. (I couldn't spot Daniella specifically among all the students, but it's stated that all of them are there.)
  • Cabin by the Lake (2000) [Kimberley] Drowned by Judd Nelson, who ties her feet to a cement block and throws her into a lake to study her behaviour when she knows she is going to die. She is last seen alive sinking to the bottom of the lake and her body is later seen when Judd Nelson visits his "garden".

TV DeathsEdit

  • Ripper: Letter from Hell (2001) [Mary-Anne Nordstrom]: Strangled by A.J. Cook, who then slits her throat and disembowels her (off-screen), on top of Daniella having been thrown through the windshield in a car crash. Her body is shown afterwards (covered by a sheet) in the morgue during Emmanuelle Vaugier's investigation. (Thanks to Germboygel and Eric)
  • Engaged to Kill (2006 TV Movie) [Sally]: Suffers severe injuries as a result of falling from an RV, dying in the arms of Maria Del Mar as she watches her die in shock.

Music Video DeathsEdit

  • Someday (2003) (Nickelback music video): Commits suicide by deliberately running a red light, causing her car to be struck by an oncoming truck, as Clint Carleton's ghost and other passers by look on in shock. Her ghost emerges from the wreck and walks away with Clint. (An alternate music video exists, in which Daniella survives the crash and simply walks away unharmed.)


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