Daniel Wu (1974 -)

Daniel Woo

Daniel Wu In New Police Story

Film DeathsEdit

  • New Police Story (San ging caat goo si) (2004) [Joe Kwan]: Shot in the chest by a sniper bullet when Daniel instigates a suicide by cop.
  • Divergence (Saam cha hau) (2005) [Koo]: Shot in the head with a sniper bullet off-screen. We only hear the shot and we then see Daniel's body laying on a shipping container.
  • The Banquet (Ye Yan; Legend of the Black Scorpion) (2006) [Prince Wu Luan]: Dies of poison after he is stabbed in the hand with a poisoned blade.
  • Shinjuku Incident (San suk si gin) (2009) [Jie]: Dies when his guts fall out after being stabbed by the Yakuza.
  • Overheard (Sit ting Fung Wan) (2009) [Lam]: Taken by Michael Wong 's men and strangled possible. His body is discovered by Ching Wan Lau when he surrenders.
    The Man with the Iron Fists (2012) [Poison Dagger]: Crushed by gears while fighting Russell Crowe.
  • Europa Report (2013) [William Xu]: Dies from fall-related injuries in a spacecraft crash landing after falling from the vehicle's cockpit into the command deck, having removed his seatbelt to shut down the spacecraft's water cooling.
  • Geostorm (2017) [Cheng Long]: Runs over by the car after he was pushed as Jim Sturgess and Abbie Cornish watch on in horror. Daniel dies by Jim's side as they talk.

TV DeathsEdit


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